Yandere Simulator Jan. 1st Build


Bug Fixes

  • Fixed some incorrect text that would display during the End-Of-Day / Police Investigation text while the police were investigating a murder-suicide.
  • Fixed bug that would prevent a mind-broken slave from killing her victim unless the victim had stopped moving.
  • Fixed bug that would cause dead students to emit hearts from their heads while dead.
  • Fixed bug that would cause some “Student Info” portraits to be inaccurate.
  • Fixed skirt clipping and eyebrow deformation in the Cirno easter egg.
  • Fixed some more typos in the End-Of-Day / Police Investigation text.


  • Added 6 new hairstyles and 3 new accessories for Yandere-chan, and also two new hairstyles for Senpai-kun. These hairstyles and accessories were commissioned by fans of the game, and modeled by Druelbozo!
  • Added a special sequence somewhere inside of the school building.
  • Added a tool shed with a new weapon inside of it.
  • Added a hedge maze to the school grounds.
  • Added more props to the Occult Club room.
  • Added props in the Student Council room.
  • Added a garden for the Gardening Club.
  • Added 10 new collectible manga books.
  • Added two new easter egg modes.
  • Added props to the Art Room.
  • Added 5 new students.


  • A student who witnesses Yandere-chan commit murder will now refuse to speak to Yandere-chan in the future, and will damage Yandere-chan’s reputation on all subsequent days…until they die.
  • Replaced the copyrighted song that played during the “Sukeban” easter egg with original music.
  • Replaced the old small town test environment with a new small town test environment.
  • Examining the cheese now causes something to happen somewhere else in the school.
  • Changed the year that the game takes place in.


  • Club Leaders now wear a “Red Armband of Leadership” on their left arms.
  • Some clubmembers will now enter a changing booth and change their clothing before engaging in a club activity. This was only possible because of help from Saracen!
  • If the player speaks to a Club Leader who is in their clubroom, club-specific dialogue options will appear.
  • The player can ask a Club Leader for information about their club, ask to join the club, ask to quit the club, or ask to participate in club activities.
  • If the player asks to participate in club activities between 5:00 and 5:30, they will be shown a scene that features Yandere-chan participating in the club’s activity, and the day will end.
  • If the player reduces the number of students in a club to less than 5, that club will disband. The club members’ daily schedules will change, their appearances may change, and the doors to the clubroom will be locked.
  • If a clubmember witnesses Yandere-chan commit murder, but Yandere-chan is not arrested for murder, that student will warn the club’s leader about Yandere-chan, and Yandere-chan will be kicked out of that club, or disallowed from joining that job in the future.
  • If the player murders the leader of a club, that club will disband.
  • If the player quits a club, they won’t be allowed to re-join.
  • If the player takes an action that would result in a club disbanding (such as reducing the number of students to less than 5, getting kicked out of the club when the club only had 4 other members besides the player, or murdering the club leader) then the player will be shown a message at the end of the day in which Yandere-chan is informed that she has been kicked out of the club.

Grand Opening

This my blog for new Yandere Simulator Skins downloads. You no longer need to use DeviantArt. I make my own custom skins and will be posting a new one every 5-7 days depending on my schedule. I will try to find a system so that if you pay me enough I will make you your own custom skins. I will start making skins when I get enough support. Please share this page if you get the chance. Senpai will notice you!